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*Asian Fusian*

I need to interrupt my chapters about the travel in Asia…. but i think u will going to forgive me. I need to introduce u the best ·burger· in my life. Its not a hamburger at all. Much more. I have the influence of Asia and of Barcelona of course – where i am trying … Continue reading

With all the respect…

With all the respect… but we do eat meat. This blog post is definitely not suggested to vegetarians – better stop reading now. With all the respect of course. I believe that my body is talking to me. All the time. Always let me know the needs i have to stay as healthy as possible … Continue reading

Naan-Parotta infusion…

I looooooooooooooooooooove bread. Unfortunately i dont eat as much as i want to (considering the pretty high carbohydrate level) but i will never leave 100% – as my mum was always saying that the body needs everything from a golden loaf. As u could see before in a blog post (breath of bread) long time … Continue reading

Turrón de foie gras…

I lost it. I feel i lost my “coolblogcreativity” because no ideas coming in the last couple of days… We are now just before X-mas… and what can i say… this December is not gonna be my favourite month for sure. So much sh8t happened with us nowadays that i dont wanna do else but … Continue reading

Entre las burbujas..”..”..”..”

Where can i start? … hm… MALLORCA. Es una isla maraviliosa… just like my spanish knowledge…  nice weather, nice people, nice landscape and nice food, yesssssssssss… the food is amazing of course. Would be really hard to introduce the whole wide range of stuff available here (most of them coming from the mainland, so pretty … Continue reading