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Hungarian tales…

Im moved home for a bit. My niece was born. so i help my sister for now. BUT I FOUND A JOB AND I F*CKIN ENJOYING WORKING AGAIN! This place is in Villany – one of the best wine región in Hungary famous for its red rustic wines (especially Carbernet Franc)… it could be perfect … Continue reading

Gỏi cuốn…

Lets take a deep breath. A very deep one. Almost a month now that im back from traveling still i could not sit down to share my experiences with U guys… Its just too much for one breath. To be honest – i am a bit scared of it. Big mouthful of Asia. Hm. Thats … Continue reading

birthday foie….

A little bit late – continuously working too much – but wishing us a very Happy Birthday (for my boyfriend Alvaro and myself… yeah yeah, still in the same day :))) and lets celebrate our ‘more or less’ 3 years together… which is a record performance to be honest…. keep going on my Mazsola!!! Love … Continue reading

HoMe-MaDe ®

I love fresh pasta… we all love fresh pasta, no? Unfortunately i have almost no opportunities to make it… not just because it needs like a half day and lots of attention continuosly – but cause it can be such a big fun to make together with friends… and usually i am always left alone … Continue reading

Naan-Parotta infusion…

I looooooooooooooooooooove bread. Unfortunately i dont eat as much as i want to (considering the pretty high carbohydrate level) but i will never leave 100% – as my mum was always saying that the body needs everything from a golden loaf. As u could see before in a blog post (breath of bread) long time … Continue reading