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birthday foie….

A little bit late – continuously working too much – but wishing us a very Happy Birthday (for my boyfriend Alvaro and myself… yeah yeah, still in the same day :))) and lets celebrate our ‘more or less’ 3 years together… which is a record performance to be honest…. keep going on my Mazsola!!! Love … Continue reading

Simply Fossssssssssssssssssssh

Succeed. I changed job. footnote: i ve already started this post 3 times… and my f8ckin’ internet crushed down each time so i ve lost every single word coming out of my mind… but try to save now on time… :) Cut the story short – i quit in the Pub to travel home and … Continue reading


Halloween party in my pub. Oki. Halloween finger food (for free). Oki. Nothing complicated, just make everything Halloweenie… hm… Of course, i carved a couple of georgeous pumpkins at first (i did even break my little knife). First i was angry because of my brainstorming for a week to create a couple of really beautiful … Continue reading

Funny Gummy Anniversary…

One year. Since one year we are working on this little blog-project. Congratulation Marty, i think we did really good job and the rest is still in front of us, not behind. Ideas are coming&going, wish to have more time to share every crazy/weird/bizarr things developing in my/our mind. Couldn’t really find better stuff to … Continue reading

Valentin ballotine…

F*CK F*CK F*CK…. i had such a hard time in the last 3 weeks… basically my battery needs a huge charging, cause im off. The restaurant was surprisingly busy with functions, weddings, school holiday and we dont really have staff to deal with it. Fortunately the situation is pretty much the same on the floor as well – we … Continue reading