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My dream is to have a food truck … Why? … Cause i love foodporn… Cause i think U do love foodporn  too… … And because i dont think u have ever tried…     … Fried MAYO tortilla served w/ a fresh springroll of chorizo&tuna tartar, oyster sauce, salad of cucumber, thai basil and … Continue reading

*Asian Fusian*

I need to interrupt my chapters about the travel in Asia…. but i think u will going to forgive me. I need to introduce u the best ·burger· in my life. Its not a hamburger at all. Much more. I have the influence of Asia and of Barcelona of course – where i am trying … Continue reading

5 ***** …

If i were a rich man… i’ve already showed u how my Sweet Shop, the Cook’s Nest Heaven would look like… Recently i was watching sooo many silly american fast-food-show on the TV and it made me think… Made me think about my stuff… People get pretty nice business from very little, with a truck … Continue reading

Deconstructed memory…

Let me introduce u our big favorit what we picked up working at the pan-asian YUM YUM NINJA… the mistic kimchi. The most beautiful fermented spicy ‘shit’ what u can ever try – nothing but a flavorbomb. Has got everything to season: hell lots of garlic, chilli, ginger, saltiness (soy sauce, fish sauce), sweetness  (fruit … Continue reading


Thanks to a Momofuku’s salad, i ve got an awesome idea to turn it into a mouth watering dessert. Just imagine your plate: sweet apple, smoked bacon, spicy kimchi, maple syrup, creme frache, Yamazaki Whisky… Coming soon… :)