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Sooooo… i had no time to do anything recently – having 2 good reasons for that. One is the neverending job and endless shifts at work.. the other is that i had been operated recently. Its not the scene to talk about the health and hospital situation here in Spain/Mallorca/Palma – however i can field … Continue reading


The most impressive sideman i have ever met…. Most of us have the same opinion in the kitchen about our little pre-dessert… saying that probably the best combination of flavours in the whole menu. Let me introduce the little Salmuera Princess – just how we call… Salmuera means BRINE – water with high salt concentration. … Continue reading

Sue’s perfect wedding cake 4.

Mission completed. After soooo many experiments i am finally finished. DONE. And the wedding was amazing – kind of fusion: traditional hungarian gypsy wedding with modern elements, lots of food and homemade (father’s) P├üLINKA. Everybody loved it. Here i need to say thank u to all my friends – who finally could come and help … Continue reading

Boogie Bog…

It was before X-mas when i found something i wanted to share with U… The story started with that magazine (about the last 10 years cuisine)… and i saw a dish from the 2Michelin star-restaurant Noma in Denmark. If i remember well… the dish was a “TARTAR OF MUSK OX AND WOOD SORREL“… and basically … Continue reading

OLIVES from ‘scratch’

This chapter gonna need pretty long time. Sorry about it, but usually the good things need the most time at all…. And if i am living in Mallorca, Spain, in the fields of thousands of olive trees… i can not miss to try to make my own little jar of little olives… can i? Of … Continue reading

Mummy Birthday!!! :)

Well, after a year my Mummy has another day to celebrate! Unfortunately i can not be with her – again – however i tried so much to “shock” her with a surprise little visit of me but it just too complicated. Expensive – but the main problem is that there is no direct flight after … Continue reading


Well well well… what can i say? I didnt find liquid blood… i found brain instead. Unfortunately just pork not veal – but the difference is not that big anyway… so lets see… The result of my research is lemon and frying. Goes beautifully with the flavor of lemon and normally fry your sexy brain-pancakes… … Continue reading