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Bloody hell…. ***

Finally the time had came… The time i was looking for ages… having many crazy ideas about… but finally i ve got it. I have got fresh blood. * So lets play. Blood is not a new thing — surprisingly still seems like a taboo in people^s eyes… however it exists since we eat meat. … Continue reading

GYM for breakfast

And yesssssssssssssssss… another breakfast story. Sorry guys but i can’t help myself – i ve just started the gym again finally thanks all the Saints… and i need to change a couple of my habits… like the big ball of ‘hamster food’ (how my boyfriend’s call it) muesli almost every morning. Its not going to … Continue reading

Fried milk????

Thank u to my crazy boyfriend, who gave me a remake-idea about another really old ‘spanish’ recipe just like he did with the ‘GACHAS’ or ‘TORRIJAS’ a couple of months ago… this is called ‘LECHE FRITA’ (fried milk)… If i seriously start to think about it – become so clear… dont even understand how come … Continue reading

Gotcha, Gachas!

I found another really easy, simple  and CHEAP recipe and it made my mind go crazy. Just like the `torijjas` was in the No good for diet post. Thank u soo much, my “Spanish Cabron”, again! Yesterday night I wanted to show a traditional hungarian recipe to my boyfriend, called tejbegriz. I made it in … Continue reading


(Background story: visited home. Long time ago – old school and old’s cool feeling. Favourite place: retro market, smells like pure nature. Lets discover the treasure of the countryside in Hungary…) Simply the basic. The very very basic. U dont need anything else, but u can make everything of it. U can not even imagine…. your … Continue reading