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BBQ Asian style

BBQ inside the house?┬┐ F8ck YEAH! Continue a bit our journey in Asia… i found one more super-interesting feast to share… the “Korean style BBQ“. I do not want to mislead u with the name – but i guess this, the Korean is the most popular and traditional name of it (and yes – if … Continue reading

Spicy water

To continue a bit of the bite of Asia…. cause its sooooo huge and i really wanna share new things not like the “magic of curry” like always… however we had this f8ckin amazing blog-post already about curry – that was one of my favorite project anyway, worth to check it out… :) ok, i … Continue reading

Cheap Chinese???? :)

Once in every week (Friday) we have a special tapa&cana “afterwork afternoon” in the Pub. Thanks to my ‘puta’ friend Vanessa now we are organizing this event by different nations from all over the world… So having a choosen country with all the costumes, flags, national ?drinks?, music and food of course… to give a … Continue reading

Five minutes seafood lunch

Kat didn’t give the kitchen a minute rest last week: the stove had no chance to cool down before the second turn. I was still in bed, digesting the venison from last night – Kat was already in her kingdom, preparing our lunch. The fish stock had been bubbling for a few hours when I … Continue reading