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HomeSweetHome Part2.

Home Sweet Home…. as i mention before in the previous part that i enjoyed my 2 weeks of holiday at home in my little town around my amazing family. Every second was beautiful. Now im back to the reality (Barcelona) and it never happened before… i feel homesick. Strange. Even the weather turned bad – … Continue reading


Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, i still love risotto… as i just said in the post before with the bloody rice…  and (unfordtunately) im still smoking… not that much and more food than cigarettes :))) Lets see tonight’s dinner… Perfect risotto with home smoked mackerel, sweet green peas and crunchy apples with a hint of lemon thyme. Why? I … Continue reading

Meet with the meat…

An ordinary day. I was in my job prepaing stuff and doing some service… I had a massive piece of fillet of veal in front of me on the chopping board. I was cleaning and rolling for a later use. In one second i was a bit pissed because the membrane covered all over the … Continue reading


My new love is connected to a really old childhood memory… Let me introduce Mr. Watermelon (“görögdinnye“)…. or sandia how we call this here in Spain… i prefer this cause it sounds more a bit like Sangria – and we all love this sweet nectar in the summer…. :) So ive seen this ‘fuit’ (its … Continue reading