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*Asian Fusian*

I need to interrupt my chapters about the travel in Asia…. but i think u will going to forgive me. I need to introduce u the best ·burger· in my life. Its not a hamburger at all. Much more. I have the influence of Asia and of Barcelona of course – where i am trying … Continue reading

Feliz cumpleanos!!!

Lets step in the magic 31… (OOOOOHOHOHOHOOOO, still not me, just my “bro” :))) I am truly happy that we could celebrate together your birthday – and with some (more) cava makes it not as sad as it sounds! But first of all: enjoy your Very Birthday Cake!!! At the beggining let me thanks to … Continue reading

What drives me nuts… :D

Unbelievable… i look totally different now to my nuts after peeling them by hand…. Walking in any supermarket and pick up a bag of roasted almonds or any nuts without their f8ckin’ hard shell… seems the easiest thing in the world. But… U dont know how much work it needs till u dont need to … Continue reading


YES. CHICKPEA. CHOCOLATE. BAR. Thanks for the idea to Chocolate Covered Katie and her healthy recipes i was checking recently. I really liked the idea of the bean-blondie so was playing with the idea a little bit. Weird but good. So the trick is? Vanilla & Peanut & Chickpea combo. OH MY GOD… absolute winner. … Continue reading

Old’s’cool Peanut&Apple butter

Long looong time ago i had my best summer ever. I was spending all the vacation at home, almost 3 months and everything was just perfect. The weather was boiling hot and smiley sunny – the swimming pool cristal clear with freshly cool water. All my friends around every day having lots of fun and … Continue reading

cock-tale ‘milking’…

Just like milking a cow…. :) Although I had a couple of problems (the biggest is that here a material like muslin simply just doesnt excist…?) making harder to reach a perfect result but i work with a lots of patient and attention. Lets see what we have got… So i couldnt use muslin – … Continue reading

cock-tale progress…

Result after 5 days: biscuit – vodka: 3 visible layers, on the bottom settled the actual solid part of the biscuit, the middle sitting the alcohol layer in beautiful amber color and on the top seems flooting the fat (probably butter what used to bake the biscuits – surprisingly the texture keeps being liquid by … Continue reading

before “cock-tale”…

TINCTURE… has got the play role in my experiments. What is it by the way? Nothing but an alcoholic extract of something… Ok Ok, i tell u what. I caught a picture on the internet and my mind just can not let it go. The vision is about a bottle containing vodka flavoured with cake… … Continue reading