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My Mc Shop

Yesterday i was shopping some stuff with my sister in a “SPAR” close to home. Some food – nothing special. When i saw a thing and gave me a heart attack. It does bother me since then so i made a couple of calculations and i decided to write a post about it. In Hungary … Continue reading

Hungarian tales…

Im moved home for a bit. My niece was born. so i help my sister for now. BUT I FOUND A JOB AND I F*CKIN ENJOYING WORKING AGAIN! This place is in Villany – one of the best wine región in Hungary famous for its red rustic wines (especially Carbernet Franc)… it could be perfect … Continue reading


Passion for life. Passion for love. Passion for passion… I am a lucky person. I did found my passion in life – food. I love what i do – however im not sure if i am lucky to work what i work… probably not. Making food is an ART for me. It is not a job. … Continue reading

New Menu – New record

We are changing the menu at Monvinic. The desserts are changing as well. Its seriously good stuff – but needs seriously lots of time. To see, to feel, to prep, to plate. This week i had a new record, I worked 79hours in 6 days from Monday till Saturday. I would like to cry but … Continue reading

Chocolate Porn.

I will going to be quick. Have u ever heard of CHOCOLATE SALAMI? If not yet – now u do. Originally its coming from Italy (however i think every country must have there own type of this sweet, in Hungary it looks a bit different and we call it “Monkey Bread – Majomkenyér.) Now in … Continue reading


I write this post cause its Sunday, my only day off. And i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired but ended up walking alone 3 hours in the city “just to do something”. Chefslife. Nowadayz it seems so cool being a chef (like a rockstar or a football player…). Whoooooooooohohohoooooooooooooooo… everyone wants to be a chef. EVERYONE. And … Continue reading


20 days now. I am working for this long to my new restaurant. Its time now to introduce u Monvinic, Barcelona. Its not one of the places which serves “unreal” food. In our kitchen the meat is meat, the olive is olive. We are not even playing with textures, no foams, no jellies, no crazy … Continue reading


MEGLEPETÉÉÉÉÉÉS’ Már egy ideje tervbe van véve hogy magyarul szerkesszek meg egy blogot… csak sokáig tartott mire megtaláltam a magyar billentyűzetet a rendszerben…. merthát mégiscsak kellenek azok a fránya ékezetek nemigaz!? Szóval jelentkezem már Barcelonából… hova is most megyek nemsokára egy állásinterjúra. Tessék szurkolni nekem. A város amúgy elképesztő – nemcsak gyönyörű épitészetileg, tele van … Continue reading

Yum Yum Ninjaaaaa…

Soooo, i changed job. Nowadays im changing job quite often… seems for me as well. But this change was so quick, i could even write a blog about the other award winning vegeterian place, the Terre a Terre. Cut the story short: officialy i left because of a fire in the kitchen – we closed … Continue reading

Cook’s Nest Heaven…

If i were a rich man, i would open my own little place to make an extraordinary restaurant where u can not eat anything else but desserts. Yes yes yes… u can say, there are so many places where u can buy just sweets (i know proper restaurants or as they call themselves,`sweet bars` working … Continue reading