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Deeper in the juice…

  AJI DE GALLINA U see this plate everywhere like a “national dish”. Nothing else but a ragu of chicken – it should be like a curry – with hot spicies but we never met anything like this. Aji means chilli pepper – and the color is a bit “too yellow”. They invented this for … Continue reading

Another overnight bus…

  AREQUIPA We arrived again in the very early morning… had the worst overnight bus since the beggining – funny thing is that we paid the most at this time. We use usually the Cruz del Sur company – its a bit more expensive than the rest but safe. Normally its ok, u get food … Continue reading

BBQ Asian style

BBQ inside the house?¿ F8ck YEAH! Continue a bit our journey in Asia… i found one more super-interesting feast to share… the “Korean style BBQ“. I do not want to mislead u with the name – but i guess this, the Korean is the most popular and traditional name of it (and yes – if … Continue reading

Spicy water

To continue a bit of the bite of Asia…. cause its sooooo huge and i really wanna share new things not like the “magic of curry” like always… however we had this f8ckin amazing blog-post already about curry – that was one of my favorite project anyway, worth to check it out… :) ok, i … Continue reading

Swimming Salty Sweetness

So…. as many times i said before… im a hungarian girl growing up without any sea – without any seafood… i was pretty happy without any knowledge about it. Cause if u dont know something it doesnt hurt, right? But one day i woke up in Brighton, England. Another day i found myself working in … Continue reading

My little pet…

I was sooooooooooooooo lucky that i found actually “fresh flour” in the little ecological market!!! Remember the first rule i learned from my “bread bible”: always try to use as freshly ground flour as possible! Ok ok… when i was reading this chapter all about flour i had big laugh a couple of times… u … Continue reading

BBQ… without comments

Long looong time ago, in an ordinary Saturday… WELCOME TO THE WATERWORLD OF THE BALEARIC ISLANDS Happily ever after…

“Sea Goose Feet” ????????

Getting closer and closer to my 29th birthday luckily i can announce that there is not much “food stuff” left untried by myself. Of course still have one at least for the rest of the days in my life – this reason pushing me further and further especially with my traveling plans… Mostly u see … Continue reading

Deconstructed memory…

Let me introduce u our big favorit what we picked up working at the pan-asian YUM YUM NINJA… the mistic kimchi. The most beautiful fermented spicy ‘shit’ what u can ever try – nothing but a flavorbomb. Has got everything to season: hell lots of garlic, chilli, ginger, saltiness (soy sauce, fish sauce), sweetness  (fruit … Continue reading

“Top ass” tapas…

To be honest… i never liked the idea of small bites of food. Of course, i like to try everything, but the idea of mixing too many things in my stomach makes me sick… Good fun to go out with friends having nice dishes – its so obvious, that u gonna have a spoonful of each plate … Continue reading