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2nd chapter of our “visiting tour” to the producers from the Restaurant. Meanwhile obviously enjoying the sun with unfiltered – toasted beer in good company of friends. Smoking? Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss… – FUMONT 2 very crazy ladies who was thinking to change the world. And they did. They did it easily – and won everything with their … Continue reading

Narrow marrow….

Hm…. I spent almost 30 years in my life without trying bone marrow. At least i did not know if i had ever eaten before in any occasion. Anyway…. these dayz are over. U should dig yourself in a dirty big bone as well. Simply cause its good. Centuries ago traditions already existed using bone … Continue reading


Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, i still love risotto… as i just said in the post before with the bloody rice…┬á and (unfordtunately) im still smoking… not that much and more food than cigarettes :))) Lets see tonight’s dinner… Perfect risotto with home smoked mackerel, sweet green peas and crunchy apples with a hint of lemon thyme. Why? I … Continue reading

Warmest Winter Wish…

The best ideas coming from nowhere i guess… just like this case. I promised myself to create a dessert with these amazing fresh local mandarins ive just found in the neighbor’s fruitshop recently… they so nice… ooooh, u can easily feel that someone just picked them a couple of hours ago and it didnt need … Continue reading