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Deeper in the juice…

  AJI DE GALLINA U see this plate everywhere like a “national dish”. Nothing else but a ragu of chicken – it should be like a curry – with hot spicies but we never met anything like this. Aji means chilli pepper – and the color is a bit “too yellow”. They invented this for … Continue reading

HomeSweetHome Part1.

I havent been home for more than a year…i mean in Hungary… and happened sooo many things with me since then. I have to say, it was truly the best part of my whole year (i started in Thailand and i will finish in Chile but it doesnt make any difference). I loved to be … Continue reading

BBQ Asian style

BBQ inside the house?┬┐ F8ck YEAH! Continue a bit our journey in Asia… i found one more super-interesting feast to share… the “Korean style BBQ“. I do not want to mislead u with the name – but i guess this, the Korean is the most popular and traditional name of it (and yes – if … Continue reading

Spicy water

To continue a bit of the bite of Asia…. cause its sooooo huge and i really wanna share new things not like the “magic of curry” like always… however we had this f8ckin amazing blog-post already about curry – that was one of my favorite project anyway, worth to check it out… :) ok, i … Continue reading

Happy Chicken Brain Day!

Can u imagine anything better than a big bowl of boiling chicken soup when u get sick??? Ooooooh.. noooooo… And it just happened with me… like every springtime… usually can manage the winter (WINTER in Palma? hahahahaha!) without get any flu… but when the sun appears in the sky we like to think and feel … Continue reading

Meet with the meat…

An ordinary day. I was in my job prepaing stuff and doing some service… I had a massive piece of fillet of veal in front of me on the chopping board. I was cleaning and rolling for a later use. In one second i was a bit pissed because the membrane covered all over the … Continue reading

Cheap Chinese???? :)

Once in every week (Friday) we have a special tapa&cana “afterwork afternoon” in the Pub. Thanks to my ‘puta’ friend Vanessa now we are organizing this event by different nations from all over the world… So having a choosen country with all the costumes, flags, national ?drinks?, music and food of course… to give a … Continue reading