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Miss Strawberry…

FRESON The Princess of the Vitrin in the shop. No doubt. Let me introduce her: she is Freson. One of the cutest thing i ve ever made. She is a proper lady – when she has a good day – she is the most beautiful thing ever. But if its a bad day…. well… i would … Continue reading

Sue’s perfect wedding cake 4.

Mission completed. After soooo many experiments i am finally finished. DONE. And the wedding was amazing – kind of fusion: traditional hungarian gypsy wedding with modern elements, lots of food and homemade (father’s) PÁLINKA. Everybody loved it. Here i need to say thank u to all my friends – who finally could come and help … Continue reading

Lick or (i)scream!!! :P

We all know by know (i hope so) that one of my biggest love in life is the icecream… Thanks to Due South and Samuel – that long looong time ago they shared all their little naughty secrets about icecream making…. which i keep using of course. Let me share this secret with u and … Continue reading

Valentine’s “frescava”

We dont celebrate 14th of February… I dont do – so my boyfriend would look pretty funny celebrating alone… bla bla bla, same story, just because “they” made a day for love each other MUCH MORE than any other normal days…. its all for buying huge bunch of flowers, balloons, champagne, chocolate bonbons all in … Continue reading

Simple Sexy….

Having a little bit of spare time… The best time to experimenting with a little bit of spare. So i made a date with my two best friend, Mr. Chocolate and Ms. Icecream… And yesssssssssssssss…. i made a Strawberry Icecream Chocolate Bar. Can u imagine anything sexier? We will see….


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved the sweets sooooo much that hardly ate anything else… wake up to have a sweet brownie breakfast just to have enough energy to carry on till a huge-icecream lunch which was enough till the cheesecake-dinner… go to bed with happyness and smiling all night … Continue reading

Que crazy combooooo… 1.

What do u think about these? Which type of person u are, the one who choose the safe option or the risky one? tomato (ketchup)& strawberry& banana (panna cotta) prawns & walnut salad with choco&orange&mayo dressing avocado & coffee & rum tiramisu mushroom & blueberry risotto chocolate & cheese bla bla bla…. blablablablablabla………. etc etc. … Continue reading