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Looking for an absolut easy decoration?¿ Do u fancy to bake or make your cake but having problem with the last touch? Well, i show u a trick what is hardly can be easier… Crystallization. Flowers. Fruits… with some sugar and magic u can preserve them for your dessert decoration. footnote: and u can easily find edible flowers all year … Continue reading


Lets `play. Lets play with sugar. But in a way – u never did before. A super easy way. Have u ever heard of Isomalt??¿¿ Better to check it out now… Basically its a sugar. No. Better. As soon as u get the right temperature to melt (around 120) – u win to make amazing things to decorate … Continue reading

Sue’s perfect wedding cake 4.

Mission completed. After soooo many experiments i am finally finished. DONE. And the wedding was amazing – kind of fusion: traditional hungarian gypsy wedding with modern elements, lots of food and homemade (father’s) PÁLINKA. Everybody loved it. Here i need to say thank u to all my friends – who finally could come and help … Continue reading

Sue’s perfect wedding cake 3.

A couple of months ago i started to plan my sister’s amazing cupcake wedding cake… trying recipes (here) and frosting with colours (here) and flavours… Almost the whole picture in my head changed… Sue sent me a couple of her ideas… and her imagination is playing around something pretty, elegant and simple – no fuss. … Continue reading

Old’s’cool Peanut&Apple butter

Long looong time ago i had my best summer ever. I was spending all the vacation at home, almost 3 months and everything was just perfect. The weather was boiling hot and smiley sunny – the swimming pool cristal clear with freshly cool water. All my friends around every day having lots of fun and … Continue reading


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh yesssssssssssssssssssssss, another sweet. Another really simply recipe. It seems being pretty spreaded all in europe (I found a close relative from my childhood called Kakaós Csiga). So PALMERA means Palmier: exatly the plant itself what u know so well from your ‘dream beach’. Got the name from the shape ( elephant ear, palm leaves, … Continue reading

HSH: “Chimney project”

Let me see… I quite like the sweet – we can agree with that. In Hungary we do have a lot of sweets. Not as much chocolate (unfortunately) but pastries. I could introduce them to U, but….. i will not. I have a better stuff. One. The best. I can guarantee that u can not … Continue reading