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Pamper Yourself…

OMG! Its Christmas again… again… and again… my head is full of thoughts – lot of things just happened in the last few days. Dont know whats going on at the moment… really need to chill out a bit. Thanx Jill – as Marty mentioned before – we are not going to spend the december … Continue reading

Royal Panna Cotta

Looks like we will not become homeless, thanks to Nana Jill, who’s moving to Paris for a while and renting out her beautiful and cozy home in Kemptown. Apart from being very happy about the new home, we are in a deep shit: moving in the middle of the Christmas Season while working like a … Continue reading

Consommé, the clarified stock

Consommé is supposed to be a super-clear, full-of-flavour liquid, therefore the stock or bouillon needs to be clarified. The first secret of making the clearest possible stock is the simmering and stirring, this will bring up the filth to the surface. Regarding to the internet, adding tomatoes will also help, thanks to the acid in … Continue reading

Smoking? Really?!

Smoking meat (or anything else) is not rocket science and doesn’t require any special equipment like a smoke house. An average housewife can do it easily, let’s take Kat as an example. Ok, it was a bad joke to refer Kat as an average housewife, but the rest of the story is true. What she … Continue reading