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Cheap Chinese???? :)

Once in every week (Friday) we have a special tapa&cana “afterwork afternoon” in the Pub. Thanks to my ‘puta’ friend Vanessa now we are organizing this event by different nations from all over the world… So having a choosen country with all the costumes, flags, national ?drinks?, music and food of course… to give a … Continue reading


My beautiful tofu mousse…. U dont need whipped cream, egg sabayon or anything like that… just grab a cube of tofu, the pure health…. This mousse is working every way: set in a ring, a layer of a cake or piping bag…. girls just gonna go crazy. Parfume with some posh alcohol and its gonna … Continue reading


I wish u a very merry happy New Year to Everyone and thanx for following us! It means a lot! I recommend my ‘dark chocolate green tea’ dream to start the New Year with… (dark chocolate tofu mousse, matcha sponge, green tea crunch and Alfie’s lovely green tea icecream…. So take care all of U!

Asian invasion

New clouds are gathering around me… one thought of a new restaurant brought lots of fresh flavours and ideas in my mind… i `ve already created a crazy vision of a british-asian fusion kitchen in a tapas way… smells just like an unimaginable and unreachable Mr. Michelin Star. So i started to read. Read a lot. About … Continue reading