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Every day i am having fun. Luckily i am not just a pastry chef but a normal chef as well – so i am literally hungry for some salty knowledge as well… and some days my dream is coming true… like on this one with the tamales…. Tamale is a very typical food mostly in South … Continue reading

Kis piszkos titkok…

  Minden nap latok valami furat. Igyekszem megjegyezni igy meselhetek rola. Idom ugyan igen keveske tekintve hogy minden reggel 7elott kelek, bicajra pattanok es szaguldok a Cukraszatba ahol letolom a shiftet 3ig, majd ujra bicajra pattanok es kezdek az etterembe ahol megintcsak  etetem a jonepet zarasig. De azert van mirol meselnem….   Index?¿?¿?¿ Szoval a … Continue reading

keep movin”…

  I have an addiction. Well, not just one – to be honest, a couple lets say. But i have a very bad one. Seriously affecting my life and nothing can save me…. I can not stop traveling. I can quit smoking. I can skip days of drinking. I can even stop thinking about work for a … Continue reading

Back to the reality… LIMA

  LOST STOP – LIMA Early bus as always. We got in a “we are not sure if its a real taxi” taxi – but it was. The people read soooo many horror stories about being kiddnapped and robbed and violated by local “drivers” who just takes u somewhere out and then going to kick the … Continue reading

Terraces of “sacred selfies”… Machu Picchu

MACHU PICHU I was struggeling with my body all day forcing myself to keep moving, so i can not have the best opinion about this place… but i share what we ve got. First of all… tonns of people. Daily limit is 2500 people – for Huayna Picchu (the Little Brother on the side) only 400 … Continue reading

“Special price for u…”

WELCOME TO PERU One thing u need to know about tour offices…. if u like to control the things, knowing whats happening and be nervous about your strict plains… dont buy any package from any office. U should just go step by step even if it can be slowlier. Trust me! We bought a tour … Continue reading

Let the journey begin… ARGENTINA

So finally we arrived…. ARGENTINA. BUENOS AIRES. Heavy rain. Very f*ckin heavy rain. Hardly can get out of the taxi. But in a couple of hours the sun come and welcome us. Couple of more hours and its getting hot – like “sweatingly” hot. Like it – coming from Europe u can have a second … Continue reading


So Amsterdam… was not the first idea. Finally it was a birthday present for us with my boyfriend from us… Cool thing, we born in the same day at 1st of July (i am so sh*t to remember all the dates and anniversaries – but its not really gonna be a problem in this case … Continue reading