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Petit· Canelé·

its small. its burnt. its ugly. hmmmm… i dont know. but… its french. its pastry. its love. its actually 2 bites. and its amazing. We all know that everything is better with more sugar, more butter and more cream. This is how french people thinks. This is very true about french pastry. Best is the … Continue reading

Sue’s perfect wedding cake 4.

Mission completed. After soooo many experiments i am finally finished. DONE. And the wedding was amazing – kind of fusion: traditional hungarian gypsy wedding with modern elements, lots of food and homemade (father’s) PÁLINKA. Everybody loved it. Here i need to say thank u to all my friends – who finally could come and help … Continue reading

Sue’s perfect wedding cake 3.

A couple of months ago i started to plan my sister’s amazing cupcake wedding cake… trying recipes (here) and frosting with colours (here) and flavours… Almost the whole picture in my head changed… Sue sent me a couple of her ideas… and her imagination is playing around something pretty, elegant and simple – no fuss. … Continue reading

Lick or (i)scream!!! :P

We all know by know (i hope so) that one of my biggest love in life is the icecream… Thanks to Due South and Samuel – that long looong time ago they shared all their little naughty secrets about icecream making…. which i keep using of course. Let me share this secret with u and … Continue reading

Galuskaproject X

Well well well…. Overall…. gonna be really hard to find better X-mas warming up dessert than the smoked panna cotta was with the guiness cake…. as “cold” as it looks… as warm it makes u feel inside – belive me! Anyway, i try my best to get another beauty on the table…. and i found … Continue reading


YES. CHICKPEA. CHOCOLATE. BAR. Thanks for the idea to Chocolate Covered Katie and her healthy recipes i was checking recently. I really liked the idea of the bean-blondie so was playing with the idea a little bit. Weird but good. So the trick is? Vanilla & Peanut & Chickpea combo. OH MY GOD… absolute winner. … Continue reading

Mummy Birthday!!! :)

Well, after a year my Mummy has another day to celebrate! Unfortunately i can not be with her – again – however i tried so much to “shock” her with a surprise little visit of me but it just too complicated. Expensive – but the main problem is that there is no direct flight after … Continue reading

Very Sherry…. :)

I am living in Mallorca now – with all the benefits… Like nice wine. Really nice. Even the worst wine from the mainland is better then the average from anywhere else. Unfortunatly the local wine is pretty expensive – otherwise u can find good quality in good price from all over Spain – could be … Continue reading

Rudolf, king of the Curd

One day i was walking in my little favorite market when my eyes caught something in front of the cheese-section… I have never seen like this just at home… hmmmmmmmm, sweet memories… proper curd in a plastic container with a ladle and cover with cling film more or less… i was thinking it must be … Continue reading

Fried milk????

Thank u to my crazy boyfriend, who gave me a remake-idea about another really old ‘spanish’ recipe just like he did with the ‘GACHAS’ or ‘TORRIJAS’ a couple of months ago… this is called ‘LECHE FRITA’ (fried milk)… If i seriously start to think about it – become so clear… dont even understand how come … Continue reading