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Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved the sweets sooooo much that hardly ate anything else… wake up to have a sweet brownie breakfast just to have enough energy to carry on till a huge-icecream lunch which was enough till the cheesecake-dinner… go to bed with happyness and smiling all night … Continue reading

cock-tale ‘milking’…

Just like milking a cow…. :) Although I had a couple of problems (the biggest is that here a material like muslin simply just doesnt excist…?) making harder to reach a perfect result but i work with a lots of patient and attention. Lets see what we have got… So i couldnt use muslin – … Continue reading

cock-tale progress…

Result after 5 days: biscuit – vodka: 3 visible layers, on the bottom settled the actual solid part of the biscuit, the middle sitting the alcohol layer in beautiful amber color and on the top seems flooting the fat (probably butter what used to bake the biscuits – surprisingly the texture keeps being liquid by … Continue reading

before “cock-tale”…

TINCTURE… has got the play role in my experiments. What is it by the way? Nothing but an alcoholic extract of something… Ok Ok, i tell u what. I caught a picture on the internet and my mind just can not let it go. The vision is about a bottle containing vodka flavoured with cake… … Continue reading