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Cork, plastic, glue…

I LOVE U BRIGHTON. sOOOO… i skipped a couple of months from my adventures… sorry about that. But life is like this, sometimes have got time for every detail, sometimes just running like a headless chicken. Cut the story short (im pretty sure i will have some post in the future about my Mexico), i … Continue reading

Hungarian tales…

Im moved home for a bit. My niece was born. so i help my sister for now. BUT I FOUND A JOB AND I F*CKIN ENJOYING WORKING AGAIN! This place is in Villany – one of the best wine región in Hungary famous for its red rustic wines (especially Carbernet Franc)… it could be perfect … Continue reading


Lets start a new chapter. I left Barcelona for now. After my trip in South America i did returned for a couple of weeks (relax, chill and drink :) till i packed my “life” into the car and enjoyed a trip thru whole Europe saying goodbye to Spain. It took 11 days and covered Spain … Continue reading

Un poco mas de Chile…

We are still here…. we found a very special feeling: that maybe we should stay a bit longer… :) I want to highly recommend our accomodation: Chikyan Hostel (San Jose del Maipu). And i am serious. 15.000peso per person per night, but it worth it 100%!!! Not just the view was f*ckin amazing, but the family who is … Continue reading

?¿Grease – Cheese?¿

I think i had the best idea ever – recycling cheese off-cuts. It doesnt cost nothing – cause u would put these parts in the bin anyway… like this u can make amazing butter and flavourful wáter – it does make difference believe me. parmezan butter So the idea of parmezan wáter was coming from … Continue reading

Very Sherry…. :)

I am living in Mallorca now – with all the benefits… Like nice wine. Really nice. Even the worst wine from the mainland is better then the average from anywhere else. Unfortunatly the local wine is pretty expensive – otherwise u can find good quality in good price from all over Spain – could be … Continue reading

Foodie’s Festival – Brighton <3

Foodie’s Festival – Hove Lawns, 25-27th May That`s why we love Brighton. Hove, actually. Because we love the summer, the sun, the beach, the drinks, the friends, the fun and the food of course. Well, everything was there. Beautiful day. Unfortunately they were selling tickets. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr….. I hate this. We need to pay to get … Continue reading

Wine, wine, wine…

I did not even know where exactly we were going to when I met the guys at the train station; in an awfully early hour in the morning :S  All I knew is that I was offered to go with them for a wine tasting in London. Hahh, I would never say no to an … Continue reading

About Wine and Humans

Wine comes in different qualities, colour and packaging, depending on the grape and the care added by people who produce it. Wine becomes better as years go by. Age makes it mature and more valueable. Amongst all the wines there are some really famous ones. Wine can give you joy and pleasure – and can … Continue reading

Royal Panna Cotta

Looks like we will not become homeless, thanks to Nana Jill, who’s moving to Paris for a while and renting out her beautiful and cozy home in Kemptown. Apart from being very happy about the new home, we are in a deep shit: moving in the middle of the Christmas Season while working like a … Continue reading