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Unfortunately we arrived to the last station of our visiting tour… for NOW. Cheftor promised to take us further when we back in September. I really hope so cause there are sooo many more cool stuff to check out (for example our “posh” vegetable supplier must be amazing with all the colorful tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines … Continue reading

My little pet…

I was sooooooooooooooo lucky that i found actually “fresh flour” in the little ecological market!!! Remember the first rule i learned from my “bread bible”: always try to use as freshly ground flour as possible! Ok ok… when i was reading this chapter all about flour i had big laugh a couple of times… u … Continue reading

Galuskaproject X

Well well well…. Overall…. gonna be really hard to find better X-mas warming up dessert than the smoked panna cotta was with the guiness cake…. as “cold” as it looks… as warm it makes u feel inside – belive me! Anyway, i try my best to get another beauty on the table…. and i found … Continue reading

@ ensaïmada @

Pastry in Spain… serious stuff. My new weakness is…. panetterias y pastelerias in every corner. First thing u must now : what the hell is the ensaïmada? Something really really mallorquin (“the most mallorquinest” thing u can find in the island) – locals saying. In England i had a misterious imagination about this pastry. Dont … Continue reading


(Background story: visited home. Long time ago – old school and old’s cool feeling. Favourite place: retro market, smells like pure nature. Lets discover the treasure of the countryside in Hungary…) Simply the basic. The very very basic. U dont need anything else, but u can make everything of it. U can not even imagine…. your … Continue reading